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Let History in Secaucus, New Jersey, provides historic presentations by our professional public speakers. We are very reasonably priced and both of our speakers, Tom and Glenn, are experts in history and have a wide range of subjects.

Our presenters speak in front of various groups throughout the United States. Click here to view some feedback we have received.

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New Topics for 2013 

"FDR & The Women Who Loved Him. "

With the critically acclaimed film "Hyde Park-On-Hudson" released a few months ago, I created a presentation ( PG-13 !) around the topic of FDR and the women who surrounded him.....protected him...served him...and loved him.
Franklin D. Roosevelt adored women. His good looks, family name, wealth, witty personality, increasing political power, and boyish charm were, despite his crippling intoxicating combination for several women over the course of his life. Come hear stories of his adoring mother Sarah.....his wife, Eleanor...her assistant, Lucy.....his secretary, Missy.....his neighbors....and his guests. Each one loved him for different reasons...and at different times. All of them helped illuminate the personality of one our greatest presidents.

"Arlington: Stolen Hallowed Ground"
Now the resting place of more than 300,000, Arlington Cemetery was once owned by a national enemy. War dead were buried on the estate so that it would never be inhabited by a traitor again.

Who was he? What machinations took place to make this U.S. Government property?

Learn the answers and much more. Who is the "Unknown Soldier"? Who can be buried here? Which famous heroes are honored here? Listen to the fascinating history of Arlington National Cemetery.


"They Fought Like Demons"

Over 180,000 black soldiers joined the Union Armies during our civil war.  They suffered over 68,000 casualties.

They were persecuted by BOTH sides.  Some were massacred after surrender.

This is their story of courage and sacrifice. How were they organized, trained and used?

How accurately are they portrayed in the movie “Glory”?

How did the Confederacy respond to the use of black troops against them?

Why did they have white officers?  Why were they paid less than white soldiers?

Join us and find out. 

"The REAL history of "Thanksgiving".

Time has played some tricks on us we explore and challenge some cherished myths about the first " Thanksgiving ".
Was it merely a feast? Why did relations with the Native-Americans deteriorate so quickly decades later? What was actually eaten back then vs what we now eat during our "traditional" Thanksgiving dinners? Come to this lighthearted yet informative presentation about the first "Thanksgiving" and how George Washington, Gettysburg, Abraham Lincoln, F.D.R. and Harry Truman all affected America's most popular National Holiday.

" We must not be enemies." Abraham Lincoln's uncanny ability to turn foes into friends.

"He is the worst hater you ever saw." said a congressman who knew him well. Come hear 6 stories of how Lincoln's convictions, humor, honesty, candor, generosity and patience...helped turn 6 political and personal foes....into admirers and friends.

Topics by Tom - See Topics page for ALL
The Life & Death of the Hindenburg
What caused the spectacular and deadly destruction of the luxury "Lighter Than Air" dirigible in Lakehurst, New Jersey? New research from NASA scientists and charred memos pulled from the rubble of Germany's bombed cities tell a far different story than many were led to believe.

Topics by Glen - See Topics page for ALL
10 Moral Moments in the Life of Abraham Lincoln: His Lifelong Quest for the "Better Angels" of His Nature
As the storm clouds of war gathered around him, Lincoln's words at his first inaugural address urged his fellow countrymen, both North and South to listen to "the better angels of our nature" to avoid a civil war.

Few Americans ever lived these words so well as did our 16th president. This one-evening presentation will show how, throughout his entire life, Abraham Lincoln was a powerful living example of kindness, dedication to the truth, generosity, empathy, restraint, humility, compassion and resolve.

As the speaker weaves many humorous stories about "Old Abe" into his lecture, we hope Lincoln enthusiasts and teenagers alike will enjoy these 10 stories of our greatest president.

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